Picture of Oscar

For no particular reason, I thought I’d put up a picture of Oscar, my friend Mike’s stuffed sailfish. Oscar doesn’t have any Irish heritage as far as I know, but he’s a good sort. I think Mike’s uncle caught him. I love the incredibly fake-looking taxidermy job on his sail. You used to see fish like this in more homes – there was one in our summer home on Long Island when we bought it, but it’s now long gone. Men used to like to display trophies like this – now I guess it’s more about having the biggest Hummer on the block. Hail Oscar.
Oscar the stuffed sailfish


One response to “Picture of Oscar

  1. Oscar,

    Sends his regards. He was a little offended that his genuineness was questioned, because he was stuffed back in the days when fake substitutes were unacceptable among those who honored a trophy which could only be earned the old fashioned way; by earning it. That noted, his fin is the real McCoy and we should all age as well as he has over the past 75 years while just hanging around.

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