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Alex Chilton RIP. Listen to “September Gurls”

Alex Chilton, first of The Box Tops and later of Big Star passes away at just 59 years of age. My favorite thing he did will always be September Gurls, an absolutely gorgeous, sad kind of pop song. Here’s Big Star:

And here’s a live clip of the song being done by The Bangles, who really did a pretty good job on it:

And here’s the quirky lyric:
September gurls do so much
I was your butch and you were touched
I loved you well never mind
I’ve been crying all the time
December boys got it bad.

September gurls I don’t know why
how can I deny what’s inside
even thought I keep away
maybe we’ll love all our days.
When I get to bed
late at night
that’s the time
she makes things right
ooh when she makes luv to me